General terms and conditions

wedding day by chloe

Wedding day by Chloé (Chloé Bari-Levy)


SIRET n° 98003218900014

the supplier’s duties

The contractor will: 


Search for the best vendors

Suggest a minimum of 3 venues and caterers

Visit different venues with the client

Manage the client’s budget

Communicate with all vendors until the wedding day

Create the design / decoration of the wedding with the client

Schedule multiple meetings with the client

Follow-up the organization from A to Z

Make a detailed planning for d-day

Coordinate the D-day


Schedule three meetings with the client

Be available to discuss  any change or question

Communicate with all vendors until d-day

Set up the furniture and decoration on-site

Manage the whole wedding team on d-day

Be present from Friday to Sunday


Meet with the client between 3 and 5 times

Write the ceremony script

Prepare the adequate rituals (does not pay for the equipment)

Supervise the music and equipment

Help the guests and the couple to write speeches and wedding vows

Help creating and setting the decoration

Officiate on the wedding day

The contractor will take no decision without the agreement of the client and will sign no contract for the client. 

The contractor’s tasks do not include:

  • buying material or objects for the wedding
  • driving anyone from the wedding to anywhere
  • following-up the rsvps responses and thank you notes 
  • baby-sitting the kids
  • monitoring the presents
  • cleaning up the venue after the wedding
  • handling any conflict between the client and a vendor
  • paying any fee for the non-respect of the venue’s rules by the client or any guest 

The contractor can leave the wedding at any moment / break the contract at any moment  if she feels threatened, insulted or in danger. In this case, what was paid will not be reimbursed for and the following payments will be canceled.

The contractor will work her best to find the best vendors for the client. However, the non-availability of a vendor or the non-satisfaction of their services by the client will not be the contractor’s responsibility. 

the client’s duties

The client will communicate to the contractor, in written form : 

  1. if there is any change affecting the contractor’s work : any change to the d-day schedule, vendor change or any last-minute change.
  2. if there is any change of the wedding date. The contractor cannot ensure her availability if the wedding’s postponed.

The client will not hire another wedding planner/coordinator/celebrant for this wedding.

The client will sign their own contracts with their vendors and pay them directly.

For the organization and coordination services, the client will pay for a seated meal on the wedding day for the contractor.

The client will give all information necessary for the coordination / organization of the wedding, answer all questions or give details needed by the contractor to work; if the client does not comply, it might affect their own wedding. 

For coordination and ceremony: all contact information of all vendors will be given to the contractor maximum one month prior to the wedding day. 

The client authorizes the supplier to use and post for free the pictures of their wedding.


In case of emergency, sickness or any serious reason preventing the contractor from coordinating the d-day, the latter will find a reliable and quality replacement and will communicate all necessary information to the new coordinator / celebrant to ensure a perfect service.

duration of the service

The organization service starts 14 days after the signature of this contract, except if the client 

It ends the day after the wedding day. 

payment conditions

The organization price is 3000€ + 5% of the total budget. 

There will be three payments. The first is a non-refundable payment (acts as a date retainer) when the contract is signed, the second one will be 6 months after the signature and the last one fifteen days before the wedding day. 

The price for a one-day coordination is 1200€ (wedding on saturday and preparation on friday).

The price for a two-day coordination is 1350€ (wedding saturday and sunday).

The price for a three -day coordination is 1500€ (wedding on friday, saturday and saturday).

The payments will follow the same schedule as for the organization. 

The prices for the ceremony services vary between 590 euros and 1190 euros for the full package.

A payment reminder will be sent seven days after the day expected. If the contractor doesn’t receive the payment after seven days, they will have to stop working until they get paid. 

conditions for withdrawal or cancelation

The deposit will be taken after 14 days. Indeed, the period of withdrawal is 14 days. If the client signs it and sends it by post, the deposit will be repaid and no more payment will be requested. If the client asks the provider, by written form, to enforce the contract before 14 days, then the contractor will start working and no repayment of the deposit will be possible. 

If the client cancels the wedding, he will not be able to ask for the refund for the payments already transferred. The payments left will be canceled.

In case of cancellation because of the death of one of the two parties or one close family member, all payments will be refundable except for the deposit if it happened 12 months or less before the wedding day.

If the wedding is postponed, this contract will be enforced for the new wedding date, if the client takes into account the contractor’s availability. If the client wants to hire another contractor, this present contract will be canceled and repayment policy will be as mentioned above.